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Minnesota Spring: Let’s start your outdoor fireplace!

An amazing outdoor fire feature for your patio can actually extend the length of your patio season! Imagine spending warmer winter days snuggled up outdoors in Minnesota… Taking advantage of the Spring season as early as possible, and going as late as you can into the Fall.  Don’t limit your time outside because of Minnesota […]

Minnesota Landscaping: Native tress, shrubs & flowers

Creating a outdoor experience native to Minnesota Landscaping Let’s dream of spring… It’s right around the corner and everyone wants to be ready to dive in as soon as the ice thaws.  It’s never to early to develop your plan and be prepared to put your springtime outdoor experience in motion. Check out this great site […]

Important: Schedule Snow Plowing Services

Why is it important to schedule your snow plowing and snow removal services ahead of time? Snow way! The glorious white stuff is falling from the skies, which means three things. Everyone please drive safe, give space, and move over for those on the side of the road. Call us to take care of your snow […]

Patio Designs for Minnesota

Minnesota Patio Design and Build It’s no secret that patio design projects are some of our favorite.  Not only does it give us the opportunity to take advantage of our creative skills, but our efforts end up giving a beautiful functionality to our clients’ homes.  Patio spaces can extend the usable square footage of the home, provides […]