End of Summer Landscaping Tips

End of Summer Landscaping Tips for Minnesota

End of Summer Landscaping Tips in Minnesota

Spring and Fall are both known for being full of landscaping tasks.  But there are plenty of ways to spruce up your lawn and garden as the summer comes to a close.  Read a few of these tips here, and remember: If the tasks ever seem to daunting, Spade Landscaping is just a phone call away!


Watering your lawn and garden can be problematic when Minnesota areas are under limitations, but there are ways around it.  If you have a rain barrel, use it to keep your containers and hanging baskets moist.  Consider watering the grass weekly when rain is scarce.  About 1-inch of water is all that your lawn needs to push through the dog days of summer.  *Don’t have a rain barrel?  CLICK HERE to make your own to help you save water every summer season!

Deadhead your flowers to encourage growth and maintain that nice clean, trimmed appearance.  Some annuals take just a few minutes to deadhead, while other annuals may require cutting.  If you’re not sure which category your annuals fall under, CLICK HERE for tips on deadheading.  Cut flowers provide fresh, fragrant blooms for the interior of your home and help direct energy and nutrients toward growth.  VEGETABLES: A large selection of hearty vegetables are just beginning to flourish during this time of year.  Make room where needed by cleaning up early crops and get ready to harvest your pumpkins, squash, potatoes and corn.  Try canning for the winter!

Summer provides the great opportunity for light pruning of many plants.  Trimming roses helps promote additional series of blooms.  Many flowering shrubs and trees could use a good quick pruning at this time, too, but be sure to use sharp and clean pruners to prevent harming vulnerable plants.  If you aren’t sure, give Spade Landscaping a call for quality care of your shrubs, plants, flowers and trees.

So it’s become pretty apparent where Fido’s favorite spots in the yard are, from digging holes and chewing plants to marking his territory.  Take this time to repair the holes, patch up the grass and garden, secure your containers and garden structures.  This is also a good time to consider building or installing a fence, or perhaps repairing your existing one.  August is often a bit slower before it picks up for fall clean-up in September, so give us a call for your landscaping needs.

Fix the bare patches on your lawn by overseeding or applying a grass repair kit.  A quality and balanced mixture of sand, grass seed and a slow release fertilizer can work wonders.  Spade Landscaping has the answer for those spots where you kept your kiddy pool or temporary gazebo!  Be sure to keep these areas evenly moistened until the new seeds root and try to redirect traffic from the areas whenever possible.

Grass cutting can slow in the heat of the summer, but the temperatures will soon fall, as will the rain, and your lawn will need attention.  Use this time to give your lawnmower some attention.  Give it a good blade sharpening, an oil change and spark plug inspection, depending on your lawnmower (electric, gas or manual).  Take the time to service other tools as well: Your trimmer, pruners and shovels.

Start thinking about what bulbs you want to plant in the fall, providing excellent color for you to enjoy next Spring.  Also, consider starting late summer seedlings, including wildflowers and late annuals.


Beyond that, it’s important to REST, RELAX AND ENJOY THE SUMMER!  There is still time to enjoy your yard, so if there are too many tasks overwhelming you, give Nate a call for quality landscaping that your yard will appreciate.

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